Rule by Elders

As one family under the lordship of Christ, Christian communities have organized themselves in a variety of ways to provide effective worship, pastoral care, discipleship, and service. While some Christians follow a model in which all decisions regarding theology and polity are decided by the individual congregation (congregational) and others abide by a hierarchical system of priests and bishops (episcopal), the presbyterian form of government is based on eldership.

Teaching elders (usually referred to as ministers or pastors) and ruling elders (usually referred to as elders) share in the care and oversight of the ministry of Christ at every level of the Presbyterian church: Session, Presbytery, Synod, General Assembly.

Many of the important decisions of individual Presbyterian congregations are made by the local group of elected elders, who along with their minister prayerfully discern the mind of Christ.

Active Elders at St. Andrew's

Elders at St. Andrew's are ordained for life, though some retire or withdraw from active service. Our current roster of active elders include the following group of ruling elders: Dr. Klaas Broersma (clerk), Kathy Boughton, Dr. Marion Hannaford, David Gulley, Berna Porter, and Jarrett Schill. The current teaching elder at St. Andrew's is the Rev. Steve Filyk.