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Sunday Bulletin

Church bulletins for the upcoming three Sundays: Legacy Sunday, November 19 Christ the King Sunday, November 26 with guest preacher Dr. Marion Hannaford 1st Sunday in Advent, December 3 Read More

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Opportunities to Serve at St. Andrew's (Sunday Roster)

There are many ways to get involved at St. Andrew's. And there are numerous opportunities to serve on Sunday. Please consider signing up for one of the following activities: carrying in the Bible (Beadle), reading... Read More


Inclusive Hearing at Worship

Our Hearing Loop System helps those who are hard of hearing by broadcasting the church service directly to their hearing aids. To benefit from this system your hearing aids must be equipped with t-coils, and those... Read More

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Guest Preachers & Bulletins for July & August 2017

While Pastor Steve is away on holiday you will be treated to a smorgasbord of guest preachers, most from within the church community. Here is the line-up: Dr. Marion Hannaford (July 30) Rev. Dr. Ed Millin (August... Read More

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Supplies for Evacuees Still Needed

Supplies for wild fire evacuees are continuing to being welcomed and distributed at 3rd Ave and Landsdowne (3rd floor). This is a community initiative started by a local group of women. They are welcoming various... Read More

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Parking Space Available for Wild Fire Evacuees

If you have been evacuated due to the wild fires and need a place to park your RV, travel trailer, or camper you are welcome to use our church parking lot. Simply note you name and licence plate and cell number on a... Read More

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Help and Hope for BC Wildfire Victims

The Canadian Red Cross is actively providing relief for the victims of the BC wildfires. They are registering evacuees (for the purposes reuniting families and providing other resources) and are deploying volunteers... Read More

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2017 Reading and Math Camp

Reading and Math Camp 2017 is just around the corner. This year we celebrate 20 years of helping children in Grades 1-6 who are struggling in the area of reading and/or math. The children come to us through the... Read More


Hearing Loop

Trouble hearing at church? Hearing loops help people with hearing loss hear better by maximizing the benefit of their own hearing aids (already fitted, or retro fitted, with telecoils). What is picked up by church... Read More

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Actions and Activities of 2017 General Assembly

The 143rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada met June 4-7, 2017 in Kingston, Ontario. Please click on the attachment for a summary of its meetings. You will note that recommendations... Read More