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Today's sermon spoke about a God who is looking for people who aren't just religious, but people who will love God and love their neighbours in concrete ways. One way to start may be by setting up an advent calendar of small acts of kindness and love that can be demonstrated by anyone, anywhere. Consider the list below. There is one activity for each day in December.

  1. Give up your spot in line.
  2. Donate money to an organization you participate in.
  3. Pay for someone else’s coffee.
  4. Send a thank you card to a veteran.
  5. Tell jokes to make someone smile.
  6. Donate food to the food bank.
  7. Donate pet supplies to a shelter.
  8. Help someone do a chore.
  9. Do yard work or shovel for a neighbour.
  10. Donate books or clothing you no longer need.
  11. Pick up litter.
  12. Pray for someone who is sick.
  13. Give money to a charity.
  14. Donate toys or children's books to the women's shelter.
  15. Visit a person who can't get out of their home.
  16. Put money in the Salvation Army bucket.
  17. Make get well cards for someone who needs them.
  18. Bring coffee to teachers at your neighbourhood school.
  19. Make holiday decorations for others.
  20. Invite a lonely person to join you for coffee or a meal.
  21. Give a prayer shawl to a grieving acquaintance. 
  22. Visit someone in the hospital.
  23. Feed the birds.
  24. Candy cane bomb a parking lot.

List adapted from "24 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness for Kids"

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