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The 'Top Ten List' was a regular part of the late nite shows hosted by David Letterman. Each night Letterman would present a list of ten items that circulated around a common humorous theme such as Top Ten Signs Your Kid Had A Bad First Day At School or, Top Ten Rejected James Bond Gadgets.

Since this is Thanksgiving I'm going to offer my own Top Ten List for Things to be Thankful for at St. Andrew's. It starts out silly but get's more serious near the end. 

10. Ample Parking

9. Short Sermons

8. Those thin cookies at Coffee Time

7. 'Debts and debtors'

6. Pre-authorised remittances (if you don't know what this is you should find out!)

5. Scripture is read during worship

4. A mix of all ages in worship

3. A willingness to take risks ie. Alpha

2. Compassion and care for one another

1. Elders who pray for you and me