Unpacking Sunday's Sermon: Discerning the Body

Unpacking Sunday's Sermon: Discerning the Body

We believe that Christ has brought together a diverse family in the church. Unfortunatley that diversity is seldom expressed in our own private gatherings. We tend to socialise like the world around us. We remain segregated according to age, race, and socio-economic status.

So how might we embrace Christ's family the whole week?

Here are three suggestions:

  • Ask someone from a different generation to join you for coffee.
  • Invite an immigrant family out for a picnic or a lunch.
  • Host a 'theme potluck' (souther bbq, memory lane, family heritage) and include a wide variety of people on the guest list. Think of small or inexpensive contributions that could be brought by those who do not cook or those with limited means

When you are broadening the diversity of your gatherings it is wise to be conscious of food choices and settings (while you might 'wow' someone with an amazing meal they may feel they can never adequately return the favor or you may learn to late that you have prepared ribs for a vegetarian). If the gathering or party does not have a theme to draw people together consider icebreakers or games to encourage people to mix and realise how much they have in common. 

Sometimes realising the application of a sermon takes some work. It will be different for everyone. Invite God to show you how you can respond to his call.