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On Sunday I gave a number of real-life illustrations for investing the 'talent(s)' God has given us. In line with the parable the examples used had to do with significant sums of money. 

Truth be told, I believe that very few of us are considering leaving such large legacies. We tend to follow the tradition of our culture, of given our accumulated assets to our children. As was mentioned it is important to care for those closest to us. But it is also worth considering that we can care for them AND make significant investments in God's kingdom. 

What would it mean for St. Andrew's if only 10 people each invested 20k in the future ministry of the church. For some this would be a an insignificant part of their legacies. Combined with the gifts of others, this would create a sum the likes of which St. Giles has in trust, and is being used there to fund a part-time position in family ministry for 15 years.

But what about those people who have little accumulated wealth? What about those legacies are just large enough to cover their own funeral expenses? It should be affirmed that any gift--even one as tiny as a mustard seed--has great potential. While a legacy of $500 may seem like small potatoes, this could make a real difference in the lives of people who live on the margins: a young mother, an under-employed parent, or a struggling college student.

Whether we've been given much wealth or little it all represents incredible potential. May we glorify God with all that we've been given!

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