Young children absorb information like sponges. We want them to hear God’s story and know Jesus’ love. Our early learners curriculum journeys through God’s story each year. 

Based on the curriculum developed by The Meeting House.


In this series, children will learn that God created a very good world for us to care for and enjoy. Children will discover that out of his great love, God created all things. We live in God’s world, made in his image, and as we live we can share his love. 


In this series, children will learn that God’s promises always come true. God has made a great many promises, and we can know that he is trustworthy because what he says is always truthful. Children will learn about God’s promises to Noah, Abraham & Sarah, Isaac, and Jacob in this series. Children will also discover that God’s promises are still true for us today in Jesus!


In this series, children will learn that God wants us to know him. Throughout the stories of the Old Testament, we can see God’s desire to have a connection with his people. Children will learn through the stories of Joseph, Moses, David, and Daniel as they learn what it means to be known by God and for us to know God.


In this series, children will hear all about the amazing events surrounding Jesus’ birth and celebrate his birthday! The big idea is that Jesus is God’s son, and through the stories of the prophet Isaiah, Jesus’ family line, Jesus’ birth, and the wisemen coming to worship Jesus, children will discover that this is a huge deal! 


In this series, children will learn that Jesus grew up, just like we do! They will start with the story of Jesus as a boy, and journey through his early ministry life. As they journey with Jesus, they will discover that Jesus grew up with friends and family, as that will be seen throughout the stories from this series.


In this series, children will discover that one of the ways Jesus showed people that he is God was through miracles. Children will learn a fewof the amazing miracles that Jesus performed while he was here on earth, and that Jesus did these things out of his great love for people.


In this series, children will see that Jesus loves them, Jesus teaches us how to serve, and Jesus wants us to serve others, too. Even from the youngest age, as children are learning to do so many things, learning to care for others, help, and serve are things that we believe Jesus wants us to teach them too.


After Jesus rose from the dead, he spent time visiting people and spending a little more time with his disciples. In this series, kids will hear stories of Jesus and his friends after he rose from the dead. This series is about Jesus after death, and children will be reminded that Jesus is alive forever!


In this series, children will learn that they are a part of the church, and that they matter in it! Children will be reminded that Jesus is Lord and he loves them, and he has a place for them in his church.