We see students as a key part of the kingdom of God. We want to help them develop as disciples of Jesus who are ready to take on the world around them, preparing them to be agents of change and reconciliation.

Our Message: Jesus is Lord and he loves you.

Our mission is to develop lifelong followers of Jesus. Our approach is to teach stories within the context of the overarching Biblical narrative, so that kids and youth can learn each story and how it connects into God’s story. We also want kids and youth to see where they fit into God’s story, and discover the role that God has for them as disciples of Jesus. Our teaching moves from the Old Testament, to the life of Jesus, to the early Church.

Each week, the teaching is composed of four key elements:
God Story: a story or passage from the Bible
Life Story: a real-life example that brings the Big Idea to life
My Story: small group discussion
Our Story: prayer and wrap up

Based on the curriculum developed by The Meeting House.

Genesis | Creation

In this series, students will discover that we can see God’s fingerprints on every part of creation. He is the ultimate artist. He designed an amazing world for us to take care of, a place for us to be creative, and a place for him to hang out with us. This series rolls back time to the very beginning to help us understand who we are in connection to God and his great desire to be in relationship with us. Go to series…

Ever since the world was created it has been possible to see the qualities of God that are not seen. I’m talking about his eternal power and about the fact that he is God. Those things can be seen in what he has made. | Romans 1:20

Genesis | Trust 

In this series, kids will learn about the many ways that God has proven he is trustworthy right from the start. They will focus on the idea that God is a good God who can be trusted by discussing what trust is and why it is important in relationships.

1 Samuel | Help 

In this series, kids will learn the beginning of David’s life story from musician and shepherd boy to king. Kids will discover that God doesn’t choose us for his purposes based on the way that other people choose, but by what is in our hearts. David’s story helps us to see that God’s plans for us are much more interesting than anything we can dream up on our own!

Luke | Hearing God

In this series, we will look at the Christmas story and the prophecies of Isaiah hundreds of years before. This series focuses in on what it means to listen to God. During this series, students will discover why and how we listen to God. Students will be given the opportunity to take some time to listen to God, and they will be challenged to try out different ways to really experience Him.

Luke | Son of God 

In this series, students will grapple with the idea that Jesus lived a human life just like them. He was tempted and uncomfortable. He was hungry and thirsty. He felt joy and sadness. He felt all of the things that we feel. He lived on earth being tempted, but never sinned. Because even though Jesus was fully human, he is also God. This series is jam-packed full of incredibly rich Jesus-centred conversations waiting to happen! 

Luke | Miracles 

Jesus showed us that he really is God’s Son through his teaching, great love, and miracles. His miracles weren’t just for a good show, but to pour his love and compassion on those who really needed it most. There was love and meaning wrapped in to each one. In this series, students will learn through the miracles of Jesus and see his immense love for people.

Luke | The Basics 

Jesus taught many amazing things, and the truth is that if we actually believe them, take them to heart, and live them out, it’ll change not only our own lives but the lives of others around us. And when we don’t know where to start, it’s very best to start with the basics. In this series, we’ll look out the most important commandment, prayer, forgiveness, and worry.

Easter Rescue 

Jesus came to show us God's love and set up his kingdom. We see that in his life. We also see it in his death. In Jesus' death, we see an unassuming rescue. Jesus saves us from sin and death. He rescues us from a life of selfishness, loneliness, and sin to an eternal life with God. Jesus came to rescue the lost. To be a light in the darkness. He came to save us from sin, show us God's love, and set up his kingdom. We are forgiven. We are loved. We are rescued.

Acts Radical

Radical can mean awesome and amazing. It can also mean something that has an impact so intense that it affects the very root of the thing. The triune God has a radical impact in our lives—so awesome and amazing—that it changes us at our very core. And that's radical.