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Each Wednesday evening the Rocky Mountain Rangers meet at the Vicker's Armoury for their weekly 'parade' (training). Sometimes this involves sitting in a classroom receiving instruction. Sometimes this involves heading out into nearby Kenna Cartwright for training in-the-field. 

Some of these soldiers are 'grown-ups' with children. Others are still finishing high school. What they have in common is a desire to protect and serve their fellow Canadians. They will all take risks so that the majority of Canadians don't need to worry about conflict at home or abroad.

Each Wednesday I set out coffee and some home-baked goodies, for their coffee-break. This is an opportunity to provide the soldiers with a little TLC. It also gives me the chance to check in with them. And they always remember to say thanks.

Earlier this month I asked Session if I could approach the congregation to help provide cookies. I'm not tired of doing it. But I think this is a hands-on opportunity for the congregation to share in this ministry of caring for soldiers. And of course, it is also an opportunity to get our church's name out in the community:

"Hey, Padre did you make these cookies? They are fantastic."

"No, not this week. St. Andrew's Presbyterian made them for you!"

Are you interested in sharing in this 'ministry of baked goods'? If so, please let me know.