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This past Sunday we stayed after church for a soup lunch and a discussion about our past and future. Conversations were held around tables and as a larger group. There were 56 adults present as well as 12 children!

What are we thankful for?

Among other things we saw God's hand in the prayer shawl ministry, dinner church, men’s breakfast, Sunday school, focus club meals, Bible studies, community outreach, military chaplaincy, special services such as All Saints Sunday, the use of drama in worship, music, death cafes, and the men’s camping trip.

What are our challenges?

We noted that in-reach is sometimes difficult because of different life-situations and schedules (ie working folks unavailable during the weekdays and seniors who don't drive at night). We noted that out-reach is tough because the culture has different values, our location is out-of-the-way and our regular worship format is rather formal. We realized that these challenges can be addressed through greater consideration in planning, better advertising, and other worship formats.

Where do we want to go in 2019?

It was suggested that we consider partnering with others before trying to invent new ministries. There is enthusiasm in continuing to provide hospitality for the Focus Club. There was also interest in praying for the community, home Bible studies, and ongoing community outreach possibly creating an after-school study space for students.

Budgets and elections

Like most family meetings there was a discussion about sharing leadership as well as financial contributions. We voted for a budget just shy of $200k with envelop givings of $162k. This is a challenge that will require all hands on deck. We also elected the following people to various offices.

Board of Managers: Megan Jowsey, Neil MacDonald, Gord Gerrits, Mike Wiest, Terry Jowsey, Charlene Wiest, Henry Rikkers, and Russ Burant

Treasurer: Hallie MacDonald

Trustees: Jarrett Schill, Klaas Broersma, Dave Gulley

Auditors: Jenny Broersma and Berna Porter

Special thanks to all those who contributed food, so we'd have the energy for this discussion. Above all, thanks be to God who continues to guide us and lead us.