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Whereas Kathy Boughton & Jarrett Schill, members of this church, have been duly elected to the eldership by this congregation, and have been approved by the session, notice is hereby given that the session will proceed to ordain them  to that office on the 25th day of September in the year 2022, at 10 o’clock (am), unless some valid objection has been given unto the moderator within ten days from this date. 

Kamloops, Friday September 9, 2022

Klaas Broersma, Clerk of Session 


Kathy Boughton Biography

Four years after my birth in Toronto, my family moved to Thunder Bay for my Dad's work. What a blessing to be raised in a smaller city on the shores of glorious Lake Superior! Being the eldest of 6 encouraged me with 'caregiving'. That is a gift I have continued to enjoy personally and professionally, and can contribute in my new church role.

Nursing was a passion from my teens, and I loved my career. After graduating from the University of Calgary in 1978, I moved to Kamloops. I was blessed with diverse experiences, including acute and long-term care, and teaching nursing students at our university.

In 1993, I married Keith, a widower with 5 children. Then we were blessed with 2 boys, late in life. Our large family now includes the children's spouses, 14 grandchildren, and three 'greats'!

My relationship with God started with my family in the Catholic Church. I had a helpful decade at Kamloops United Church, and then attended Baptist worship with Keith until we joined St. Andrews in the early 2000s. My desire to support our church family and the wider community, for the glory of God. I am an encouraging communicator, and am happy to share that gift as an elder. 

Jarrett Schill Biography

I grew up in West Kelowna, and spent many cherished days out on Okanagan Lake (fishing, water skiing) and absolutely loved my Saturdays skiing at Big White with my friends from school. I have enjoyed being a public high school and middle school music teacher for the past 22 years here in Kamloops. I have taught, predominantly, band and choir. Seeing all the shining faces that music brings to kids, is something that really makes me tick.

I have been married to my wonderful wife, Kerri, for the past 13 years, and we have three children: Alexis, Hannah and Sebastian.  Alexis lives in Kamloops, and Hannah and Sebastian live in West Kelowna and South Slocan, respectively.  My parents still live in Kelowna, and my only sibling, lives with her family in Summerland.

I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour (age 6 years) when praying with my mom one night around bed time. I was 100% raised in the Presbyterian Church in Canada, mind you baptized at age 11 (my mother being reared a Baptist, my sister and I were not baptized as infants). My family attended St. David's Presbyterian, (now named Mountainview Church) in Kelowna.  I made a firm commitment to attempt to live a life of faith the summer of being about 10 years old.  This happened while praying with a cabin counselor at my favourite Pentecostal summer camp (Circle Square Ranch) in Armstrong.  I continued to grow in faith throughout my teen years through my involvement with the Presbyterian Young People's Society (PYPS), and all the amazing mentor adults and other teens that I connected with at events.  My 20's were my years in which I made plenty of mistakes and was challenged and humbled by the Lord.  I am so thankful to the Lord for re-forming me in His image.

As I have considered God's call to leadership in the church, I believe I will bring my sense of compassion to Session. I empathize deeply when people tell me about their joys and struggles in life.