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Baskin-Robbins is known for 31 flavours of ice-cream. But when it comes to preaching most churches have only one. If you are itching for something different you'll be excited to hear about this summer's guest preacher line-up. There is something for everyone!

July 11 Rev. Steve Filyk (Elder Keith Boughton)
July 18 Rev. Rebecca Simpson (Elder Klaas Broersma)
July 25 Rev. Dr. Todd Statham (Elder Marion Hannaford)
August 1 Major Rev. Gavin Robertson (Elder Berna Porter)
August 8 Dr. Marion Hannaford (Elder Klaas Broersma)
August 15 Natika Bock (Elder Marion Hannaford)
August 22 Harold Wiest (Elder Marion Hannaford)
August 29 Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart (Host Natika Bock)