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Lent Book Study 2023 (Online) – Wrestling with Faith

Today many are wrestling with new questions of faith—wondering what it means to be a Christian in the face of hard questions. What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus in a church that seems to have gotten so many things wrong? Is there any way to discover an authentic faith in the face of consumerism, doubt, abuse, and pressing secularism?

We will explore these through a thoughtful new book by Canadian pastor, writer, and theologian Bradley Jersak: Out of the Embers: Faith After the Great Deconstruction. The book is available in paperback, as an audio book, and on your favourite reader—details here. Join us for thoughtful engagement with the questions of today’s church and conversations about the way forward.

Bradley Jersak says that “The Great Deconstruction is not just a two-year lockdown or four-year election cycle.” He sees it as “a great historic tradition.” However, the author insists we are bereft of neither reliable guides nor real agency. Out of the Embers is a most wise, kind, and timely gift for those of us whose very faith has been traumatized by the tumult of our age.                                          – Steve Bell, Juno Award-winning Musician

A commitment to read is a part of this book study! We will not be reading the full book—rather, assigned sections each week. A commitment to read the assigned sections, along with participation in the discussion, is basic to this book study!!

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There is a modest fee for participation in the study is $20 per participant. There is a cap of 24 participants from across Canada.