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Winifred Helen (Owens) Newman

February 27, 1931 - April 25, 2020

On Saturday, April 25, 2020 our beloved Mom passed away peacefully, surrounded by the things most precious to her.. We will be forever grateful to Kamloops Seniors Village for their compassion and support through these past four months. Mom loved her new home and mentioned the hug every night that her Care Aide gave her before she went to sleep.

Mom and her twin sister Catherine were born at Royal Inland Hospital 89 years ago. Their birth caused quite a stir in the community because so few multiple births survived. For many years people would knock on the Owens' front door and ask to see the twins! Mom was raised in a happy, loving home by Jessie and William Owens. In addition to Catherine (Ken), she had an older brother (Dr.) Bill Owens (Marion) and little sister Jeanette (Bill) McQuay. Except for Marion, her family are all gone now.

In 1954 Mom married the love of her life, Victor Newman of Brocklehurst. They were hard workers and made each other laugh every day. Mom had two kids, Vicci and Bobby, who she was fiercely proud and protective of. She loved being a mother-in-law to Cathy Newman and Tony Ryan. In fact, she often mentioned that she loved them 'best'. Christine (Bob and Cathy's daughter) was Mom's only grandchild for many years but later in life Carling, Erin (Mitchell) and Caitie joined the Newman Clan when Vicci married Tony. Christine was so lucky to grow up next to her Grandparents at the lake. In addition to her immediate family, Mom opened her home and heart to three people that we consider important members of our family; Jim, Susanna and Alex.

For over 20 years Mom worked for the Kamloops School Board as the teacher-on-call secretary. At work by 5:30 am, Mom would field calls from teachers who were ill. In the years before automation, Mom knew all the elementary teachers by name, knew what kind of teaching style they had and was able to select the right sub for the right classroom. She knew the subs individually just by the sound of their voices.

After she and Dad retired they spent many happy days with her siblings at Shuswap Lake. All the Owens siblings had purchased in the Sorrento area and they saw each other daily. This meant the cousins saw each other frequently, and to this day the cousins call the Shuswap, 'Auntie Wyne's Lake!'

Wyne and Vic loved their life. They had a close, happy family which included the Newman siblings - Gwen, Darrel and Melvin (Sybil) and many dear friends. Mom was involved in Beta Sigma Phi, played golf at the Kamloops Golf Club and was a part of the same bridge club for over 50 years. For many years Mom had an 'Antique Lady Party' every November, which included 40 or so ladies who came to drink wine and eat fancy sandwiches. Dad was the only man invited, and he loved being the bartender!! Later in life she and Rae Morelli held happy hour daily until Mom lost her dear friend in 2010. The Happy Hour Gang included her longtime friends: Mavis, Gwen, Rudy and John who continued to meet every Tuesday until this past February. Mom looked forward to this special day with reverence. Over the years Bob and Pat Ryan joined many happy hours and supported Mom at every turn! She loved her friends!

The Owens family were Presbyterians and Mom loved going to church. When Dad asked Mom to marry him she replied, "Only if you become a member of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church!" They were married in the church 66 years ago, and at the time of her death she was the oldest living member. From childhood our parents had a framed bible verse that hung in the kitchen,

"John 3:16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."

Over the years our family has known the ministers at the church and considered them family friends. Mom would want George Peters, Harold Weist and Steve Fylik to know how much she enjoyed their visits and support in the last few years.

Bonnie Tindall was Mom's private care aide. In truth, she is an angel who worked with Mom night and day and always put Mom's needs before her own. Mom loved her deeply and our family owes Bonnie an immense debt of gratitude.

We asked Mom a couple of years ago what she wanted to be remembered for once she had passed away. She said, "That I was good, and I needed more wine!" Her final words to loved ones were "Enjoy your lives, and the truth is I don't wanna go anywhere!!!"