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Below is a list of those questions and answers raised from our Annual Reports and proposed budget:

Q: Will we be getting more money from our parking lot rental?   
A: We already received funds last year for a contract that extends to this summer.  

Q: Shouldn't our minister/contractors be paid less during COVID? The church isn't busy. 
A: Much of the work at church has changed but has not diminished. A lot of extra work has gone into the shift of doing things online. An exception can be found with the church bookings, for which the church budget has been adjusted.  

Q: Is the YMCA going to continue to use our space in the Lower Hall? How much do we receive for this rental? Why are they the only ones using it? 
A: The YMCA is on a year-to-year contract. Last year we received $21,100 from them. Under the current pandemic regulations, very few organizations qualify to use church spaces—a daycare is one of them.