Luke 19:29-44
Palm Sunday

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Welcome, Welcome from wherever you are. You are welcome to join us at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Kamloops B. C. this Sunday, March 28th, 2021. 
We call this day Palm Sunday and the Gospel accounts are some exuberant, some quiet, as Jesus and his followers, enter the City of Jerusalem, not for a Holy week with Good Friday and Easter Sunday, as they didn't exist. They were arriving to celebrate the Passover, an annual remembrance of Jehovah/God sparing His people from the terrible bondage under the Pharaohs of Egypt. The Angel of Death was destroying the firstborn of families and livestock all over Egypt, 'passing over' only the homes where God's people obeyed God's command to be prepared to flee Egypt by eating specially prepared lamb, painting lamb's blood on the doorposts and lintels of their homes and following Moses' guidance.
Jesus had probably travelled to Jerusalem on pilgrimage with his family, perhaps many times, to celebrate "Passover Week". But... this week was to be very, very, different. 
Join us in a quiet moment of meditation, as we prepare our hearts and minds for worship, and then join together in our call to worship.